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What's so different about learning with Don?

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Don Jacobs Ballroom Dance

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Don’t just wish you could go out there and dance, be the one admired for doing it!

Learn to overcome your fear and feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Dancing is a great aerobic exercise and a wonderful social skill.

InstructionWhether you're learning for your wedding or just for fun (you're inspired by "DANCING WITH THE STARS") I will teach you how to dance using muscle memory. The net result is that it will allow you to remember how to dance for the rest of your life. My method is designed to get you into a comfort zone quickly. You will learn how to dance so that leading and following come easily to you. A woman shouldn't have to second guess what steps are being lead and shouldn't be in fear of getting her toes stepped on.

If you're learning in anticipation of your wedding or some other special event, know that my primary objective is to teach you how to look good on the dance floor and feel comfortable doing it. You don't want to look like you're just doing a bunch of steps, you don't want to look stiff like you're robots and the groom's lips shouldn't be moving.

Background Dancing Add a visual element to the mood of any affair. During cocktails as your guests arrive or as they dine, add a sophisticated, elegant touch to the moment with a couple in ballgown and tails gliding romantically across the floor.

(See the video in the gallery.)

PerformanceCreate a highlight at your event with a dazzling ballroom dance performance.

Dance HostingMake sure all your guests enjoy the pleasure of dancing by providing trained ballroom dancers. They will dance to the level of the guests assuring that they feel comfortable and appreciative of their host’s thoughtfulness.

Theme PartiesProfessional instructors lead a lively dance class with a demonstration and help get you guests involved. We can even conduct a contest where your guests will have lots of fun using their new skills. A swing party is a very exciting theme.


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