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What's so different about learning with Don?

Student Wedding Gallery and Accolades

Wedding Gallery and Accolades

Jimmy and Melina


Hey Don, how are you.  I hope all is well.  Our wedding was great.  The dance was terrific.  As you said we didn't notice anyone else in the room.  Mike was very smooth.  Thanks for the advice to do a test run.  I was stepping all over my dress so the staff at Westbury  Manor  pinned me up.  Thank God that woman had safety pins.  I attached two pictures. Our form was good.  I think we did you proud.  We hope to continue with lessons at some point. We really enjoyed it.  Stay well. .

Mike and Eileen

Wow, you were right! I'm glad I didn't bet you on my 2 left feet.
We got out there and could have danced all night. Adar and I felt like we were
dancing on a cloud. It couldn't have been a more lovely experience. Your patience
in teaching us made all the difference. We thought a dance lesson was a dance lesson.
We now know what you mean. Not all instructors are the same. Thanks for sharing this
wonderful skill with us. I'm sure we'll be dancing for many years to come.

Sam and Adar

Dear Don,

I am sorry that I missed the chance to dance with you at the convention; truly, it was my loss. More importantly, I wanted to thank you for the most positive dance class I've ever had the pleasure of attending. In the past, most of my instructors were hypercritical and strove to inspire the class to work harder with insults and negativism which only made me feel glaringly inadequate on the dance floor.

Some are dancers, some are teachers of dance - it is the rare few who can honestly claim title to being both, you are one.

Thank you again for a wonderful Saturday afternoon.


Ann and Shaun


Took your class at the convention last Saturday and went to the dance session that evening.

A little history: I quit dancing when the Twist first came out (really) and I danced - in spite of lessons - only reluctantly and very badly before that. Many wedding receptions didn't change that.
However, though not my first lesson, something about your technique first approach worked!

For the first time in my life, I just went out on the floor, danced, and enjoyed it! What fun! (After Cindy grabbed my hips and said to do it this way, I even danced the Twist. Repeatedly.) Slow or fast, fun! There were as many as four women dancing with me - with me! - at once. I danced for hours with hardly a break (just a little sore today). :-)

Seldom does one encounter a simple toggle which makes such a difference.

(Though I'm reluctant to send any message like this one, I had to say):
Cool! Thanks,
- Colin