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What's so different about learning with Don?

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Don Jacobs Ballroom Dance

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Twenty-five years ago wild horses could not have dragged me onto a dance floor. I know how gripping the fear can be. I also understand how dancing is perceived by an adult non-dancer since I've lived the experience. As a result I am able to get students comfortable much faster and that makes having fun dancing happen sooner.

Also, if you have background in other types of dancing or in any physical activities I can help you translate those controls into ballroom dancing.

If you are still feeling doubtful, call me and allow me to put your mind at ease with detailed answers to all your questions. Knowing how to dance is something you'll never regret. My number is 718-347-7234. I look forward to speaking with you.

By the way, since I've gotten over the fear of dancing, I've performed at Lincoln Center, The Rainbow Room, the grand ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria and Oheka Castle just to name a few. I've also been seen on A&E, PBS, AMC and strangely enough QVC. I've been written up in New York Magazine and have appeared in the New York Times, New York Post, Daily News and was mentioned in Soap Opera Weekly. I've also had the distinct honor of performing with Frank Sinatra's orchestra and was recently a dance consultant for a very famous recording artist's music video. Not too shabby for someone who was too scared to even stand up on a dance floor.